As crises in the workplace and community disasters are becoming more frequent, the need for effective psychological crisis response capabilities becomes obvious. Crisis intervention programs are recommended and even mandated in a wide variety of community and occupational settings (Everly and Mitchell, 1997). Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) represents a powerful, yet cost- effective approach to deal with the resultant psychological, emotional, and spiritual effects from a crisis.

What is CISM? CISM is a confidential, peer driven/mental health supported, comprehensive, integrative, multi-component crisis intervention system. CISM is considered comprehensive because it consists of multiple crisis intervention components, which functionally span the entire spectrum of a crisis. CISM interventions range from the pre-crisis phase through the acute crisis phase, and into the post-crisis phase. CISM is also considered comprehensive in that it consists of interventions which may be applied to individuals, small functional groups, large groups, families, organizations, and even communities. The core components of CISM are listed below:

  • Pre-crisis preparation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organization consultation
  • Respite Centers (for disasters)
  • Rest Information Transition Services (RITS) (for large scale events)
  • Crisis Management Briefings (CMB)
  • Defusing
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)
  • One-on-one crisis intervention
  • Pastoral crisis intervention
  • Family crisis intervention
  • Follow-up and referral

CPR, an experienced leader in CISM services, can provide CISM trained personnel to respond to your business or organization to begin the process of mitigating the harmful effects of a critical incident.

We also provide a variety of CISM trainings and team development consultation.

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