CPR Internship Program

Overall requirements for consideration:

For counseling, you must be in your final year of program with most, if not all, course work having been completed.
For social work, you must have declared your concentration of advanced direct practice.
For both counseling and social work, a commitment to complete a minimum of 6 months with CPR between Practicum and/or Internship.

 Required materials for consideration:

 1) Cover Letter (Addressing the following information)

           – University you are attending
           – Current track/program Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Social Work, etc.
           – Duration of practicum/internship with start and end dates.
           – Break down of total hours needed to meet program requirements (i.e. direct vs indirect hours)
           – Field Liaison/University Contact Information
           – For PNP applicants please also include a brief response to the following in your cover letter too:

                    Which part of the valley would you be interested in doing your clinical hours?
                    If you were to do a TED Talk on anything in the world, what would yours be on?
                    What area of behavioral health are you most interested in?

2) Resume

3) Practicum/Internship Program Handbook

Please send to internships@crisisprepandrecovery.com and we will respond shortly after we’ve reviewed you information1 

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